Original Research: Educational Campaign

Learning Goal:  We want to find out if we can change people’s behavior through education.

Problem Statement or Testable Question:  Is a student created public service campaign successful in teaching other about helping bobwhites?

Hypothesis:  If we teach people how to save the bobwhites, they will change their behavior.


  • Educational Materials (trifold, pamphlets, etc.)
  • Survey (paper and pencil or online)


  1. Prepare your educational materials.  We used a trifold and referred people to our website.
  2. Talk with people.  Our trifold was set up at the PTO Earth Day festival and during class.
  3. Ask people to take the survey.
  4. Analyze the results from the survey.


We had 23 responses to our survey.  After learning about how to save bobwhites, 57% of people said they would leave a border of high grass on their lawn.  Although 70% of respondents did not own a cat, over 75% of those that did said they would consider keeping their cat indoors.  A huge majority, 71%, said they would be interested in participating in a raise and release program.


Our education awareness campaign taught people what to do to save bobwhites.  The majority said they would help.